24 November, 2009

We were once kids

Young kids at Kampung Jepak playing in the rain . Date: 24Nov'09.
The season of rains is back in Sarawak. It's an annual recurrence and makes me wonder how the rhythm of the rains, its appearance and then flight makes me count for granted the passing of time and the sureness of another year. This afternoon, time took me to a rehearsal of the days when I was just like those innocent, energetic and joyously happy kids playing and running on the village football field. Rain or shine the "We" feeling of comradeship among friends we grew up with are something I always treasure. Passing by the village football field I thought how fortunate I was when I joined my primary then secondary school soccer teams. For a young and tiny kid wearing a football jersey and representing the school in a local soccer league is a mountain of achievement. It happened to me in 1965 when our school won the soccer league. A small black and white photograph that captured the proud moment of achievement is shown below.
The Bintulu Government Secondary School soccer team with the prized trophy. I'm the tiny kid at the front row, second from left, executing a perfect pose. Date : 1965 . The tall white gentleman at the back is our referee, a Dutchman by the name of Mr. Brentjens who happened to be a Catholic missionary teacher at St. Anthony's School where I completed my primary schooling in 1963.


  1. Ah, I so enjoyed this post my dear friend! Look at you, definitely striking a perfect pose.;) You are soooo cute.;) I was -2 years old in 65.;)
    Your referee looks like a very handsome man I must say.
    Lovely memories indeed.;)

  2. Thank you so much for this photograph. One of my sons discovered your website more or less by accident. The photograph is a welcome addition to my dear memories of fr. Brentjens. You may be interested to know that fr. Brentjens left Sarawak (and the priesthood) in 1975. I myself have also worked in Sarawak between 1969 and 1974. In 1976 mr. Brentjens and myself got married. We got three wonderful sons. Our youngest son, now 30 years of age, has a striking resemblance with his father in 1965! Father Brentjens unfortunately died on the 7th of december 2004.
    Dorrit Horsten


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