04 October, 2009

The Nibong Palm and its uses

On a visit to the fishing village of Bako just the other day, I saw many clumps of "Nibong " trees growing alongside the highway to the village. The Nibong tree ( Oncosperma tigillarium) is often called the "Thorny Palm" on account of the many thorns that adorn its trunk. The Nibong tree is very useful for settlers of the mangrove swamp forest. The Nibong shoots (cabbage) are cooked as vegetable and its stem is used for many purposes such as for fish traps, piles, fencing, jetty or house posts and the hard outer wood is used as decorative wall panels as well as floor boards. Many handicraft items are produced using the Nibong wood like large wooden spoons or ladle, chopsticks,bangles and other small decorative items e.g. key chains etc., Further, taken out of its natural habitat and grown on drier ground it can become ideal planting material for landscaping purposes especially to provide scale to tall buildings by planting them close to building walls or structures.

Clumps of Nibong seen along the edge of highway towards Bako Fishing Village.

In the above example, the Nibong's round stem is used as house post and floor joist.

My kind of place to relax and enjoy the view of a fishing village, its people and activities and immersing in the goodness of nature e.g. sea breeze, wildlife, mangrove trees, river, mountains in the distance and the wide blue sky.


  1. oooohhhh....Pegi Bako sik bawak saya... :(

  2. It is always so exotic to me to see Palm Trees.;) I do understand why you like to relax here.;))


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